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1. How does one become a UTEB member? The UTEB Membership form is available on our webpage,
  • Faculty members interested in joining UTEB should complete this membership form, available under Resources, and e-mail it to

2. Is UTEB membership only open to faculty or can members of staff join? 

  • Membership is open to all full-time faculty of the University of the Bahamas or any other tertiary institution in The Bahamas.

3. What is the difference between a UTEB member and agency shop? 

  • Union members pay monthly dues of $40, can file grievances with the union, and can rely on the full support of UTEB's executives and its members. Faculty who are not members of UTEB receive no support from UTEB, but still benefit from all the agreements signed by UTEB. These faculty members pay 90% of union dues.

4. Does UTEB provide a death benefit to members? 

  • Yes it does. This benefit of $1,000.00 is paid to a designate of the member’s choosing. The UTEB Death Benefit form is available at

5. What is the process to file a grievance with UTEB?

  • Faculty members must contact their School Representatives to file a grievance with UTEB. The matter is then referred to the president of UTEB and its Executives for further action.

6. As a UTEB member, how can I become more involved in the work of the union? 

  • In addition to serving as a member of UTEB’S Executive Team, faculty members may serve on the Negotiations Team, The Covid-19 Task Force, The Public Relations Committee, The Health and Safety Committee, or as a UTEB School Representative.
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